By partnering with the outstanding daily efforts of class teachers, the Citikidz team offers a mid-week refresher for students in their personal Christian journey.

Every week students approach Chapel with great anticipation and excitement as they experience a dynamic atmosphere of worship. They are taught Biblical principles and practical applications of scripture for their personal development. Pupils are encouraged each week to express their faith in praise and worship, being led by a full band of musicians and singers. Sermons are always carefully constructed to engage the students in a highly relevant manner utilising multimedia and interactive elements.

The teaching focuses for Primary Chapels are memory verses. These are carefully selected to lay foundations of faith in their lives. Each week of the school year students learn a new scripture using the ABC method:

A – Actions for each phrase of the scripture making the process fun and memorable

B – Briefly recalling the memory verses taught in previous weeks

C – Creatively teaching the students the meaning and application of each verse

Students as young as Prep are successfully and enthusiastically memorising and recalling life changing scriptures. We regard it as a powerful tool for their future, as their wealth of foundation deepens each week.

Ů is a remarkable school and as the College and the Church join together, our end goal is that each child walks out of Chapel believing the following three things:

“God’s presence is amazing.”

“God loves me, and has made me special.”

“I can make a difference.”

Our Citikidz team consider it a great privilege to develop and serve the next generation each week. We see it as our role to combine with and support the efforts of parents and teachers, inspiring young hearts towards a meaningful and personal relationship with God.

Together, if we can instill a personal identity in Christ, a vibrant faith in God and a responsive heart towards others, we know that we have raised a generation of confident and purposed young people.