Private School Brisbane

A Private School for Your Child?

A private school is simply an independent or non-government school.

Private schools are partly funded by fees charged to parents and partly by grants from the state & federal government.

In Australia, the term private school is usually applied to an independent school. Some private schools belong to a school system; examples of the latter include Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, or Adventist systems, plus some others.

Private or independent schools are about choice and diversity. Since most Australians live in or near large towns or cities, it is likely that private or independent schools will be found nearby. Many private schools are faith-based, but not all and may be single-gender or co-educational.

Ů Brisbane is proudly

A private school

An independent school

A non-government school

A co-educational school

A faith-based school (Christian faith)

If our College is the kind of school you are looking for, our Registrar would be delighted to hear from you. You can email the Registrar’s Office at enrolments@citipointe.qld.edu.au